Airpods 1&2 Dust Guard Silver


Please watch the installation video on the detail page (last product image is the installation video) or on Youtube. 1) Attach the bottom sticker on the body portion by aligning it with the LED indicator light. 2) Place the top sticker upside down on the bottom portion so that the adhesive side faces upwards on the body portion. 3) Close lid over the upward facing dust guard so that it sticks perfectly to the inner ceiling once shut.

  Nine magnets in AirPods case gather a lot of iron/metal dust over time causing permanent black marks. Elago Dust Guard acts as a buffer between your case and the metal dust.

  Keep your AirPods tidy and looking beautiful all the time! Elago Dust guard has various colors and a luxurious plating.

  The thickness of the plate is 0.04mm. Experience flawless use of the case with the Dust Guard installed.

  It may take you some time and effort to align Dust Guard stickers on AirPods, but if you want to keep your airpods clean and beautiful, it will be well worth it.

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Airpods 1&2 Dust Guard Silver



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