WiWU ALPHA Double Layer Labtop Bag 15.6″ Black


WiWU alpha double layer bag 15.6 inch online from Cellsii.com. This is specially designed for laptops / notebooks and MacBook with a 16 inch screen size. This bag is a very useful bag for those of you who are very busy and often travel with a laptop.

Key features

Capacity is quite large with various compartments

Both on the inside and on the front

To store laptops, books / magazines and other items.

It can be used for other small items, such as keys, cards and so on

Made from high quality material

Its strength and durability

This bag is also very soft and smooth

This bag is that it is splash water proof

Comfortable to hold to carry

Can be adjusted according to our wishes and needs

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WiWU ALPHA Double Layer Labtop Bag 15.6″ Black



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